By storing and serving web content locally from your LAN, you can:

  • Save bandwidth - typically 20-40%
  • Deliver faster web access to your users
  • Monitor web usage

From schools that need fast online learning content in the classroom, to ISPs that want to spend less money on bandwidth whilst improving user experience, many organisations benefit from deploying web caches in their network.


The CACHEBOX range combines sophisticated high performance caching of modern web traffic with the security, reliability and ease-of-use of the appliance format. A highly-tuned cache engine uses clever algorithm profiles to respond automatically to content delivery changes made by specific websites - maximising caching.

The right tools for your job

Software editions cater to the specific content, configuration and reporting requirements of different types of users, so customers get the right fit solution that mathces their unique needs:

Schools Edition

  • CACHEBOX caches everything that matters to schools from educational content to video and online assessment, including HTTPS, and software updates for all-platform school devices, as well as esports gaming.
  • Designed 'with schools for schools' CACHEBOX provides flexible deployment modes, offline features for low/no bandwidth schools, a comprehensive set of tools and services that includes automated updates that ensures content cacheability long term.
  • Content management features help teachers get started with e-Learning and develop, collaborate, and share curriculum material.

Service Provider Edition

  • CACHEBOX caches all manner of HTTP traffic including content from popular video portals, as well as software updates from Microsoft, Apple. Google, Adobe, and antivirus and gaming vendors.
  • By bringing content closer to customers, CACHEBOX increases average response rates and speeds up file downloads providing subscribers with a premium service.
  • Engineered for flexible deployment modes, CACHEBOX delivers powerful features to meet advanced ISP needs: Smart auto-updates ensure content continues to be cached long term, automated logging for easy monitoring and fault diagnosis, comprehensive statistics on top hosts, object sizes, extensions, request protocols, page faults and much more.

Enterprise Edition

  • CACHEBOX caches the content your employees need access to more often: video, online training material, audio, social networks, news portals, media-rich websites as well as software updates for all network-connected devices, regardless of platform.
  • Engineered for enterprises, CACHEBOX provides flexible deployment modes, offline features for low/no bandwidth locations, and a comprehensive set of tools and services that includes automated updates that ensures content cacheability long term.

Deployment, administration and reporting

CACHEBOX makes it easy to deploy, operate and report on cache performance.

  • Start-up assistants for easy deployment in various network modes
  • Useful tools speed up branch access to centralised enterprise systems
  • Comprehensive and at-a-glance reports are automatically produced in real-time and for defined time-frames: daily and monthly caching performance reports with statistics on top hosts, object sizes, extensions, request protocols, page faults and much more
  • Support for cache request authentication allowing you to monitor and control your users' web usage

The right size for your job

The CACHEBOX range offers models at different price/performance points so you can select a solution to fit your traffic-load requirement without spending on performance you don't need.

*Peak performance achieved under test conditions. Real life performance varies, depending on network and traffic characteristics.


Find out more about our models

Find out how caching, and CACHEBOX helps Networks Managers in different sectors


CACHEBOX customers come in all shapes and sizes, and from more than 155 countries around the world. They choose CACHEBOX because it delivers high performance caching with outstanding value for money.

Aga Khan Academies

With insufficient bandwidth or congestion on high speed links both causing slow access, Aga Khan Academies struggled to deliver e-learning programmes.
Download the case study

Anaheim Union High School District

Despite connecting to a 10Gbps fibre ring, Anaheim’s 1Gbps connection was shared by 19 schools in the district. Prone to oversaturation, the bottleneck was causing frustrating consequences in the classroom.
Download the case study

Cable and Wireless St Helena

As the sole telecoms operator on the remote island of St Helena, C&W needed to provide a fast, reliable broadband connection.
Download the case study

Beshay Steel

With 3.500 employees facing slow internet, day-to-day business operations at Beshay Steel were suffering. Deploying 3trol of its network. Download the case study

"CACHEBOX doesn’t just save us bandwidth and slow down the rate at which we need to upgrade, it makes everything run better in our network and classrooms. This product is about so much more than just saving bandwidth – it’s about optimising performance, which is so important when internet plays such a key role in modern learning."

James Caudell, Network Administrator, Blanco Independent School District, USA


CACHEBOX delivers high performance because:

  • It is simply a cache appliance - all the hardware resources are focused on caching, not on other services
  • Its core caching "engine" has constantly been tuned by ApplianSys engineers since 2001
  • Intelligent caching features allow "un-cacheable" video and software updates to be cached

CACHEBOX is surprisingly affordable, but value is more than price - and CACHEBOX scores on all counts...


High ROI: Serious caching, delivering significant bandwidth savings and improved user experience


Low TCO: The appliance advantages of CACHEBOX - making it easier and slashing cost of ownership

Outstanding Support

World-class support from ApplianSys: service that makes it easier and protects your investment

Sensible Prices

Sensible prices: CACHEBOX is surprisingly affordable, compared with alternatives

Outstanding value

The bottom line: everything you need to make your life easier, outstanding value

"Not many companies use caching – we have seen the value for ourselves. Even though we have plenty of bandwidth (1Gbps), CACHEBOX helps deliver great savings and a high performance network. I’m sure that other companies would benefit."

Helenio Sartori, Senior Network and Security Engineer, Repubblica e Cantone Ticino, Switzerland
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